January 2014 Session

January 2014 session – 1/25/2014 – 8:00 PM
The Three Jewels, NYC

WvS [laptop, iPad + processing]
KEVIN “BLUE” WOODS [sax, electronics + processing]
Live visuals by MIAH ARTOLA
Curated by WvS / Produced by WvS & Miah Artola

KYUNGMI LEE is a flutist based in Jersey City. She received a diploma from the Juillard Pre-College and degrees from the Peabody Conservatory. As a classical flutist Lee has performed with the Washington Summer opera and appeared at the International Computer Music Conference, Society of Electroacoustic music in the United States, and the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival.

As am improviser she has played at Share NYC, Grace Exhibition Gallery, Firehouse Space, 92nd St. Y, Front Room Gallery and Eonta space. Lee likes to incorporate ritualistic and theatrical elements to her musical performances. Her recent works with Liz Kosack (keyboard, mask maker) included puppetry, masks, and doughnut communion. Lee also practices improvised theater with Uncarved Block of Van Reipen Collective.

As a player, KEVIN “BLUE” WOODS brings a depth of knowledge and experience to his craft that simply sets him apart. Having studied Jazz Performance on Saxophone at Mt Hood Community College as well as the prestigious University of North Texas; skill, technique, & education go hand in hand.

As a composer he draws from the Legacy of Jazz and R&B and then blends that with life experience to create a fresh and forceful new voice in Jazz, Pop, and R&B.

As a lyricist and vocalist he writes from the heart what he knows and expresses what he feels and his audience hears him.

As an arranger for film and television scoring, visual emotion becomes musicalemotion.

He has played in countless New York bands and has worked with ELEKTRA Records as a touring musician.


The current audio work of New York City based sound organizer WvS is comprised of highly abstract and dense sound-layers, noise-oriented organic sonic textures, as well as pitch and modulation glissando driven soundscapes.

WvS studied computer music, classical composition and music theory in Europe with Wolfgang Rihm and in the US with John Cage. He attended the ‘Darmstadt Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik’ and many European Computer Music conferences, lectured at IDEA, was Artist in Residence at Harvestworks/PASS (NYC), performed in New York City in collaboration with Kyung-Mi Lee, Dok Gregory, Peter Principle, Richard Garet, Jeremy Slater, Lady Firefly and others at Roulette, Diapason, SHARE, BPM, GraceSpace, Flux Factory, Warper Party, the Knitting Factory, MonkeyTown ({R}AKE + FLOW), Generator Sound Gallery amongst other places, and managed Knitting Factory Records for many years.

Having previously composed music for orchestras, chamber ensembles & solo instruments and conceptualized/realized computer controlled interactive performances, WvS currently focuses on entirely computer-generated sound structures without the use of electro-acoustical samples or ‘field recordings’.


MIAH ARTOLA creates multi-media installations which are multi-channel and interactive. Initially a painter, she incorporates her drawings and sculptures into her video installations. Miah created the APE(Audio Processing Etching) processor which generates visuals and effects based upon audio frequencies and amplitude. She is the founder of Artola Digital, an east village post-production and visuals company. Her work has been shown at at: Queen’s Museum, Chashama, Parker’s Box Gallery, Galapagos, Museum of Natural History, Ramis Barquet Gallery, Harvest works, Sorolla Gallery and Madrid Art Fair. She has collaborated with numerous artists including Duston Spears and David Lee Roth. She is the co-founder of 629 Collaborative Gallery in New Mexico. Miah studied painting and film at PrattInstitute and is currently receiving her Masters at The New School.


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