March 2014 session

March 2014 session – 3/22/2014 – 8 PM
The Three Jewels, NYC

SADAF [violin, vocals & effects]
KEN B [electronics & effects]
GENUX-B [laptop]
Live visuals by MIAH ARTOLA
Curated by WvS / Produced by WvS & Miah Artola

GENUX-B is a sound artist who works primarily with electronic noises to create compositions that border the familiar worlds of ambient atmospheric music and specific events more akin to Foley artists. He explores the various textural qualities that are specific to granular synthesizers and are usually relegated to our modern age background soundscape by bringing them forward and putting them into order. Coming from a visual background with a masters degree in fine art, installation, he is acutely aware of the power in sound to alter our perceptions of the world around us. He has been working in New York for 15 years and has organizing events, most notably “Flow” in collaboration with Jeremy Slater, an event that explores the noisier elements in sound.

SADAF is a multidisciplinary artist and musician. Her rough, industrial noise and haunting vocal improvisations focus on the political machinations of glamour. Her debut LP is expected on Hoss Records in 2014. Based in New York, Nava’s practice incorporates a variety of mediums, often linked through a foundation in performance. In an era where self-performativity and documentation is prevalent, the conceptuality inherent in contemporary performance art often seeps into tactics of advertising and brand-formation.

KEN B formed the experimental noise project “BLOATER” in late 2007 with guitar player Steve Smith and recorded an album “Radiac” in 2009, self-released in 2011. BLOATER combines elements of free improvisation with proto-industrial music, harsh noise, ambient electronics, and non-traditional approaches to the electric guitar. He was also a member of the free-improvisational band “CLUTTER” aka $50 TRUMPET with Brett Zweiman and Marc Gaetani. Ken has performed at The Tank, Public Assembly, Silent Barn, Goodbye Blue Monday, Spectrum, Front Room Gallery, Littlefield, Theaterlab, Legion, Fat Baby, The Charleston, Governor’s Island (Figment Fest), Rocky’s, Little Bar (Philadelphia) and Beat Kitchen (Chicago).×74-P8wbsQ

MIAH ARTOLA creates multi-channel, multi-media interactive installations. She was initially a painter and continues to incorporate her drawings and sculptures into her video installations. Miah created the APE patch (Audio Processing Etcher) which generates visuals and effects based upon audio frequencies and amplitude. Her art work explores the continual process of creation we are engaged with and seeks to encourage a heightened awareness of the weight of our presence. One of the ways she expresses this theme is through creating environments in which participants’ noise impact the visual environment.

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