August 2014 Session

August 2014 session – 8/2/2014 – 8:00 PM
The Three Jewels, NYC

DOK GREGORY [vtol modular synth system, analog synth, theremin]
AERONAUT [bowed lap-steel guitar, trombone, laptop & electronics]
TRAIN TRASH [assorted electronics]
Live visuals by GEOFF MATTERS
Curated by WvS / Produced by WvS & Miah Artola

Aeronaut, Doktor23 & Train Trash @ "Ab Uno Pluribus" – August Session – 8/2/2014 from WvS on Vimeo.

DOK GREGORY (DOKTOR23) Dok has been composing, performing and recording experimental/electronic music since 1983.

His current projects include: Plan 23 (NYC) with Peter Principle/WvS/(  ) + various guests; Silence Corporation (NYC/SPb, Russia) with Pavel Mikheev/Alexei Pliousnine/VJ Yuri Elik; Telesmatic Sound Box (NYC/Helsinki) with Timo Viialainen; Zero Gravity Thinkers (NYC) with Peter Principle/Zemi 17.

He has been a member of NYC based audio visual group Amoeba Technology since 1997, toured and performed in festivals throughout the United States, Europe, Russia and South America and had recorded works released in most of the same. Dok’s collaborative audio-visual works have been featured in programs at the Forum Des Images in Paris, Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, The Kitchen and Lincoln Center in NYC and elsewhere. In 2007 he began work on the ISRS system (a shortwave radio synthesizer) and continues to research, develop and deploy the technology. Dok has also toured and collaborated extensively as a member of Incidence Transmission Network, Psychic TV, Akashic Currency Bureau, Trance Pop Loops, Future Dream Transmissions and the Ransom Corps. He is and has been based in Brooklyn, N.Y. for the past 23 years and is director of the 23 Windows Arts Collective.

AERONAUT is brooklyn-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Fors’ solo project. Working primarily with a palette of sounds generated with trombone, lap steel guitar, sonica, analog electronics, bowed metal, and voice, Steve Fors crafts lush, immersive soundscapes. As half of the Chicago-based drone outfit the Golden Sores–and now solo as Aeronaut–Fors has shared the stage with the Magik Markers, Locrian, Century Plants, Grasshopper, Superstorms, Justin Walter, Billy Gomberg, and Neil Jendon, among others.
Having released six albums in as many years, Fors continues to challenge genre definition. Pulling from psych, drone, noise and new classical traditions, he plays a sort of maximal minimalism—attempting to overwhelm listeners alternately with monolithic beauty and/or sonic devastation. For sound samples, visit


TRAIN TRASH is a solo music project by artist Gregory Paul. Gregory has been making and recording experimental music since his early teens under many monikers, but his goal with the Train Trash project is to make something cohesive, human, and personal from the technology and objects of the digital age. The concept of Train Trash was inspired by the words of Jordan Lee who heard Gregory’s music and laughed and said it was the “most human thing [he’d] ever heard”. Since then, the focus of the project has been to reach inside to explore the most human parts of ourselves. Everything is a variable, from how we experience the world, to how we feel about each other person. Some sounds are personal to Gregory, some are universal to all people.

GEOFF MATTERS works with sound and light. You may have run into him shredding with his electronic punk band, projecting designs around galleries and parties, experimenting his way through a dance performance soundtrack, or plugging you in at your local jam session.

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