September 2014 Session

September 2014 session – 9/20/2014 – 8:00 PM
The Three Jewels, NYC

LEA BERTUCCI [amplified bass-clarinet + feedback]
LAUDS [synths, vocals + assorted electronics]
MEGAN MONCRIEF [synths, ukelin + electronics]
Curated by WvS / Produced by WvS & Miah Artola

LAUDS, Lea Bertucci & Megan Moncrief @ “Ab Uno Pluribus” – September Session – 9/20/2014 from WvS on Vimeo.

LEA BERTUCCI is an interdisciplinary artist, composer and improvisor who works with installation, sound, video and photography. As an instrumentalist, she focuses on the Bass Clarinet in an electro-acoustic context. The timbre of the Bass Clarinet is amplified and abstracted with the aid of electronics. Feedback is an essential part of the extended technique, as the body of the instrument becomes a resonant chamber and the pitch of the feedback is controlled with key work. 1/4 inch tape collage contribute structural and textural elements.

Lea has been an artist-in-residence at The Wave Farm, Smack Mellon, LMCC, The Queens Museum of Art and Roulette. She was also awarded a Young Composers’ commission from Roulette in 2012. She has performed solo and collaborative works at venues such as Issue Project Room, The Kitchen, Anthology Film Archives, Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco, St. Marks Ontological-Hysteric Theater, The Wave Farm,¬† Galapagos Artspace, Roulette, The Queens Museum of Art and the High Zero Festival.

LAUDS is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, Genevieve Kammel Morris, occasionally / interchangeably known as Thursday Fernworthy.

She plays exclusively on recordings often with orchestrations numbering 15+ instruments; and her ability to compose in an array of genres allows her to achieve a sound  that is markedly different album by album.

She writes, records, & edits from her living room in Brooklyn, and self-releases through Hidden House Press

Her EP ‘make Love popular’ was released in May 2014, and a full-length studio album ‘ALL WILL BE WELL’ is due out November 2014.

MEGAN MONCRIEF is an audiovisual artist born in Louisiana and based in Brooklyn. She performs music solo as Lazurite, as well as in several collaborative ensembles. “Spreading her psychedelic gospel that encompasses everything from Eastern pseudo-classical to harsh noise, Lazurite draws audiences into fugue states with a garden variety of strange instruments and novel techniques.” (ad hoc)

MIAH ARTOLA is a New York City based visual artist. She makes interactive AV installations which incorporate her drawings, sculptures, video, and a software patch she created called APE (Audio Processing Etcher)

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