April 2016 Session

April 2016 session – 4/16/2016 – 7:30 PM
The Three Jewels, NYC

AMOS FISHER [clarinet + percussion]
BRENDAN LANDIS (Hey Exit) [guitar]
ROBERT PEPPER [voice + synths]
Live visuals by JOSHUE OTT
Curated by WvS / Produced by WvS & Miah Artola

New York-based visualist and software designer JOSHUE OTT creates cinematic visual improvisations, performed live and projected in large scale. Working from hand-drawn forms manipulated in real-time with superDraw, a software instrument of his own design, Ott composes evolving images that reside somewhere between minimalism, psychedelia, and Cagean chance, delivered with an inescapably human touch. Supple yet digital, ephemeral but instantly memorable, Ott renders sound into vision, yielding an immersive multi-sensory experience that is at once immediate and synergistic, a unique visual narrative born in the moment.

Performing with musicians from all genres between classical and avant-electronica,

Ott’s visuals have been featured at Unsound festival NY, Biennial of the Americas, Mutek, Communikey, Plateaux festival (Poland), GAFFTA, Le Cube gallery (Paris), the Playgrounds Audiovisual Art Festival (Netherlands), and the Ars Electronica Animation Festival. He has performed with the American Composer’s Orchestra at Carnegie Hall; with Son Lux at MASS MoCA; with Gina Gibney Dance at the Baryshnikov Arts Center; and frequently at venues throughout New York City, including Le Poisson Rouge, Roulette, and Galapagos.

Ott is also the visual mastermind behind the hit iOS apps Thicket, snowDrift, Falling Stars, Pitch Painter, and the Variant series.


ROBERT L. PEPPER is an artist/musician, residing in Brooklyn NY. His works include oil, and acrylic paintings, video, as well as experimental music recordings. His musical projects include Pas Musique, The Jazzfakers, Limax Maximus, and Eyryx. His work is abstract in nature while using various symbols and occult references. Robert has performed and shown artwork in 14 countries and all throughout the United States.


Beginning as a free improvisation project in 2009, Hey Exit was restarted in 2015 with a focus on modern pop and electroacoustic composition. Led by Brooklyn’s BRENDAN LANDIS, Hey Exit draws on his background in punk, harsh noise, and traditional Japanese music. His album Caudata was self-released on cassette and digital formats in January of 2016.”


AMOS FISHER‘s creative identities are many. A native of Chapel Hill North Carolina and a graduate of NC School of the Arts, he applies his spectrum of musical backgrounds to the ever-burgeoning scene in Brooklyn and NYC, where he has lived for seven years.

He has composed music for “Judith the Other Shakespeare” by Philadelphia playwright Kevin Stackhouse, Brooklyn theater producer Lauren Keating’s adaptation of “Comedy of Errors”, the Arts For Life children’s program at The SouthEastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA) in Winston Salem NC, The Velvet Glove Kabbarett (as music director, also in Winston Salem) among diverse others. He has played clarinet, percussion and voice in improv/ electronic/ audio-video ensemble The Azerbaijan A/V Club since 2012; drums in local rock bands The Goddess Lakshmi and Household Tales since 2010 and live hiphop band Apostles since 2009. Along with the Anomylos Ensemble’s debut, he is currently collaborating with members of Brooklyn prog-punk band What Prey Tell at Space Space studios, and drumming & co-composing with singer/ songwriter Tanya Oesterling’s first two recordings and music video. Next in his queue is an original mystical-cabaret/circus-themed musical melodrama for the stage featuring live video by Daniel McKleinfeld (VJ Fuzzy Bastard, Azerbaijan AV Club).

Amos has also self-published 9 issues of a personal poetry/ stories/ artwork zine called “So Maybe Niza Mai” (“I am a zine by Amos” spelled backwards); spearheaded his own vegan catering & art event planning service in Winston Salem for 4 years; hitchhiked across the US several times, followed a Hindu Swami (yoga master) for 10 years around India, eastern Europe and the US; toured the US with his punk rock band three times between ages 17-20; and worked many jobs as a barista, bike mechanic, dogwalker, delivery boy, and personal assistant for the disabled.

Upon hearing of David Bowie’s passing, Amos said “The next thing I feel behind grief is excitement–because his grandest work of art, being his whole musical life, is now complete, and there for us to experience. I mean, that’s how I try to approach mY life.”


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