March 2017 Session

March 2017 session – 3/25/2017 – 7 PM EDT
The Three Jewels, NYC

RANJIT BHATNAGAR [self-made instruments]
RICHARD KAMERMAN [percussion, miscellany, anecdotes]
LI LI [loops + electronics]
Live visuals by CHRIS JORDAN
Curated by WvS, co-curated by Joao Da Silva / Produced by WvS & Miah Artola

RANJIT BHATNAGAR is a sound artist who works with technology, language, and found materials to create interactive installations and musical instruments. His works have been exhibited across the United States and Europe. In his annual Instrument­-a-­Day project, now in its ninth year, he creates a new homemade musical instrument each day of the month in February. Ranjit recently joined an international group of artists to build a large-­scale musical installation at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. His interactive sound work, Singing Room for a Shy Person, commissioned by Amsterdam’s Métamatic Research Initiative, premiered at NYC’s Clocktower Gallery in 2013; and later moved to Museum Tinguely in Basel for the Métamatic Reloaded exhibition, and was shown at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

In 2013, he launched his speech/­music instrument, Speak ­and ­Play, with Margaret Leng Tan at the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival; presented work at Qubit’s Machine Music Festival; and premiered a calligraphy­ and ­gesture ­based score for the Brooklyn Ballet with calligrapher David Chang. His sculpture Stone Song for the Caramoor Centre’s Sound Arts Festival was installed at the Neuberger Museum at Purchase College, New York and in 2015 became a part of Caramoor’s permanent collection.

CHRIS JORDAN explores the medium of light, movement, and time through the use of technology. His installations have appeared at the MoMA, The New Museum, The Whitney Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Chelsea Museum, Times Square, among others. The common elements that define Jordan’s work include explorations into memory, photography, film, interactivity, and projections. By examining the political and social implications technology has on us through a diversity of media, his work challenges the viewer to redefine perceptions of audience and performer. Jordan co-curated the Figment Sculpture Park on Governors Island in 2012 and 2013; a 4 month interactive sculpture park, visited by over 100,000 people each year.

RICHARD KAMERMAN (b. NYC, 1985) has been breaking electronics and crashing computers while trying to coax interesting and unpredictable sounds out of them for over a decade. Occasionally, he has also presented himself as a more serious composer of re-performable written music. Keywords: amplification, magnification, obfuscation, systems design, game theory, patterns, human error, accident, failure. Although a firm believer in the axiom that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” he ceased collecting his instruments from piles of junk left on the curb several years ago, fearing he might bring home bedbugs. Recordings of his solo or collaborative works have been released by Erstwhile Records, Pilgrim Talk, Contour Editions, RRRecords, and Engraved Glass, among others. Kamerman has performed or had his music performed throughout the US as well as internationally in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Chile. He also runs the small-press music label, Copy For Your Records.

LI LI (formerly rawmean) is the solo project of Brooklyn-based musician Ramin Rahni. Using live-looping, he builds songs that are in the spirit of electronic music, but made up of more organic sounding elements. He also plays drums in the experimental pop duo Tar Of, and performs middle eastern-inspired techno as part of Googoosh Dolls.


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