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The “ab uno pluribus” (lat.: from one to many) audio-visual event series began in January 2014 as an idea of composer & sound artist WvS and video artist Miah Artola.

As East Village residents we observed the unfortunate closing of many venues for experimental arts in our New York City neighborhood. Therefore, when graciously given the opportunity to produce audio-visual events in the Three Jewels’ space in Lower Manhattan, we created this concert series and are now running in the 4th year. The series is curated by WvS and co-produced by WvS & Miah Artola and is entirely self-funded.

Since 2014 we have given these artists a platform to present their work: ::vtol::, Aeronaut, Akaliko, Al Margolis, Alex Nathanson, Alexey Pliousnine, Amos Fisher, Anna Barsan, Benton C Bainridge, Bleue Liverpool, Bloater, Brendan Landis (Hey Exit), Champagne Sequins, Chris Ianuzzi, Chris Jordan, Chris Penalosa, Damien Olsen, Dan Gitlin, Daniel Carter, Daniel Klag, Daniel McKleinfeld, Dave Koenig, David First, David Grollman, David Linton, David Tamura, Dawoud Kringle, Doktor23, Dorothea Tachler, Douglas Lucas, Dylan Neely, G. Lucas Crane, Genux-B, Geoff Matters, Hans Tammen, Jackie Neon, Jacob Cohen, Jane LeCroy, Jeanann Dara, Jeremy Slater, Jim Tuite, Joan Hacker, John Dunlap, Joshue Ott, Kali. Z. Fasteau, Karl Scholz, Katherine Liberovskaya, Kaveh Haghtalab, Ken B., Kenya Kawaguchi, Kevin Bud Jones, Kevin Woods, Kurt Ralske, Kyung-Mi Lee, Kyungmi Lee, LAUDS, Lawry Zilmrah, Lea Bertucci, Leila Bordreuil, Linda Buckley, Lou Rossi, Luciernaga, Martin Philadelphy, Matt Verzola, Megan Moncrief/Lazurite, Michael Attias, Michael Durek, Michael Jay, Nick Demopoulos (SMOMID), Nurbstream, Pas Musique, Patch Adamant, Patrick Todd, Philip White, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Richard Garet, Robert Pepper, Roberto Nanni, Rothwell, SADAF, Sarah Bernstein, Snaykhunt/Thermos Unigarde, Sofy Yuditskaya, Stunt, Surf Hair, Tmm Mulligan, Tom Hamilton, Train Trash/Gregory Paul, VisualHornHonking, VJ Fuzzy Bastard, WvS, Yusuke Yamamoto.

We present new exploratory experiences in the audio-visual realm. The versatile energies of select live musicians and video artists are synthesized into explosive though unrehearsed solo and group performances. You will never hear or see the same thing twice.

The concept of this event series is from solos to a group (from one to many). First, each performer plays a solo set – improvisation or composition presentation. The two hour event then closes with a group improvisation set of all three audio performers + VJ. All sets are accompanied by live visuals composed in real-time by one or two VJs. In between the sets there are short intermissions during which small snacks are served and the audience may mingle and converse with the performers. This is much liked by performers and audience alike and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all.

We are thankful to the Three Jewels NYC for their continuing support of experimental arts throughout the past three years!


About the Curator: The audio work of New York City based sound organizer WvS is comprised of highly abstract and dense sound-layers, noise-oriented organic sonic textures and ambient soundscapes.

WvS studied computer music, classical composition and music theory in Europe with Wolfgang Rihm, Mathias Spahlinger and in the US with John Cage. He attended the ‘Darmstadt Ferienkurse fuer Neue Musik’ and many European Computer Music conferences, lectured at IDEA, was Artist in Residence at Harvestworks/PASS (NYC), exhibited in Spain at the Barcelona Museum of Modern Art, performed in New York City with sound-installations, solo and in collaboration with Dok Gregory, Peter Principle, Jeremy Slater as “Plan 23”, as well as with Richard Garet, Kyung-Mi Lee, Sarah Bernstein, Eric Barry Drasin, Lady Firefly and others at Spectrum, Roulette, Sonic Front, Figment Festival, Governors Island Art Fair, Diapason, SHARE, BPM, Grace Exhibition Space, GrayZone Kingston, Goodbye Blue Monday, Flux Factory, Warper Party, the Knitting Factory, MonkeyTown ({R}AKE + FLOW), Generator Sound Gallery amongst other places, and managed Knitting Factory Records for many years.

Having previously composed music for orchestras, chamber ensembles & solo instruments and conceptualized + realized computer controlled interactive performances, WvS currently focuses on performances and sound-installations of entirely computer-generated sound structures without the use of electro-acoustic samples or ‘field recordings’.


About the co-producer: Miah creates single channel videos and multi-media installations which are interactive and incorporate her drawings and paintings. She is co-inventor of the software APE (Audio Peak Etcher) which creates sound responsive visuals. Venues where her work has been shown include: The Dome  at PS1/MoMA, Queen’s Museum, Museum of Natural History, Parker’s Box Gallery, Andrew Roth Gallery, Galapagos, Harvestworks, Issue Project Room, The Cake Shop, Ramis Barquet Gallery, Goodbye Blue Monday, Silent Barn, 303 Gallery, ARCO Madrid, Flamboyán Theater, Studio7 Gallery at Ft. Tilde, Anthology Film Archives.  Solo Shows: L Cafe, Harvestworks, The Wild Project.

Clients include: United Nations DP, David Lee Roth,  BMI, Stadium Red, Glassnote Records, Rafael Fuchs, Dance Movement Workshop, HGTV, HarperCollins, Joachim Pissarro, Duston Spear,  Karin Schneider, Chashama, Phil Niblock, Roosevelt House, Brooklyn Museum, South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals, Manoj Bavisk, Federico Pignatelli/ Pier 59, Cage Gallery.


About the Venue: At THE THREE JEWELS you will find a spiritual bookshop, yoga, meditation and spiritual study groups along with Three Jewels Outreach Center programs as twice weekly AA meetings focused on spiritual recovery.


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